Dr. Shreyash M. Gajjar
Centre for Arthroscopy & Sports Orthopaedics Centre for Arthroscopy & Sports Orthopaedics

I had pretty bad tear in my labrum of my Shoulder which was caused due to a dislocation. I had to fly back to India to get the surgery. The whole process was smooth along with Dr Gajjar's team being very cooperative and insightful too.
Post three months, the arm feels stable.

Would highly recommend.

S Nair, USA

Dr has operated my wife Vasantha for Meniscus tear in both Knees and she has recovered under his supervision.

Marepalli Surya kumar, Mumbai

He is one of the best and finest doctors. He operated me for meniscus repair and ligament injury. He has a very good personality and always encouraging and polite. Very good at explaining the problem and listens to patients patiently and motivates the patient and is very much caring and protective and strict with his work and makes the patient follow it up in the best way. I recommend to anyone go for this doctor without any doubt.

Sunaina Gulati, Gujrat

He operated 5 years back on my Father in law's Ankle. He is absolutely fine.

Dr Mahroof Reza, Mumbai

I had dislocated my arm on several occasions and was looking for a fix. Dr. Shreyash Gajjar did my Shoulder Bankart Repair surgery. It all went smoothly, he checked up on my periodically and made sure I was doing my physio. I am fully recovered now and have full range of motion. I'm glad to be able to feel normal and not have to worry about my arm getting dislocated again! 10/10 recommend him for your surgery!

Prathamesh Wadia, Canada

He is the best. Super cool doc and also I am doing yoga now with padmasan after my Knee surgery for meniscus tear ..no problem faced.. it’s been 2 years ..thank you once again

Jaisheel Dhami, Mumbai

The great part about the surgery were his advices. Like many, the first advice wasn’t to get a surgery. I was asked to use alternate therapy and let time heal it. Only when it didn’t we got the surgery. Even with the surgery, all the information provided were accurate and the surgery went according to it. The team was always there around to answer any question.
And, after, with regular follow up and therapy, my shoulder had restored full functionality.

Rahul Jha, Mumbai

Writing this review after 4 years of Knee LCL reconstructed surgery done by Dr Shreyash.
I had torn my ACL while playing football and had got it done by another surgeon which still didn't give me comfort even after my rehabilitation.
When I started playing after my surgery, my knees used to swell and would take a week for it to subside making me completely frustrated and heartbroken and this continued everytime I played . 3 years past and not even a slight difference in my recovery.. Thinking my football career was over and no one could heal my injury almost on the verge of giving up.
I stumbled upon Dr Shreyash Gajjar while reading about the knee on the internet and decided to give it one last shot & it was the best decision I had ever made. Dr Shreyash is an absolute genius, he understands the serveratity of the injury so precisely, he diagnosed my injury accurately and told me it can be healed if I followed his rehabilitation and protocols religiously ...
And here I'm back to playing football better than ever... Confident and stronger and most importantly back on the score sheet.
Whenever I score a goal.. I always remember you Dr for the magical work done
A big thank you
May God bless you abundantly.
Will come to visit you soon.

Alistair D'souza, Mumbai

When i had a problem of Shoulder dislocation i was thinking that now onwards it is not possible to do heavy work in future but after surgery of my shoulder by Dr. Shreyash Gajjar who has done my surgery successfully and proper guidance of doctor , Now i can play, carry the heavy weight its like i can't even feel like i have gone through surgery, its become more strengthful,
Thank you so much Dr.Shreyash Gajjar.

Akash Patel, Gujrat

I had muscle tear about 60 percent.. Dr Shreyas Gajjar and his team operated it very skillfully..I was not able to move my had before operation but now I'm totally ok n can use my hand normally. Dr Shreyas is very friendly to talk with patients n makes patients very comfortable

Charusheela Mokle, Mumbai

Had my labrum tear fix surgery done by Dr Gajjar in 2014. Now in 2019 I comfortably mountain bike and pursue calisthenics. Would recommend.

Saurabh Nair, USA

Thank you so much Sir ..extremely satisfied with ACL surgery done by you. It was my first surgery but still because of you there was no anxiety problem both before and after the surgery generally faced by patients.

The best part of you treatment is: follow ups are limited and only if required and I was really taken care like a family member with highly professional treatment.

Thank you once again.

Akshay Sharma, Mumbai

Dr Shreyash Gajjar operated Heena Karani's Knee. Excellent Dr...

Heena Karani, Mumbai

Me and my wife met with a road accident 2 years back, in which my wife was badly. My wife has underwent Knee ACL surgery under Dr. Gajjar during that phase. Now she is completely fine. Thanks to Dr. Gajjar, for the kind of support he provided during that phase. Thank you once again..!!

Himanshu Binani, Mumbai

Shreyas is best orthopaedic sports surgeon in the Country. He has been instrumental in bringing me back to original level after my Knee ACL Surgery and also helped me a lot in the recovery phase. He is awesome to say the least. I recommend him to anyone who has a sports injury.

Rahul Deb, Canada

I am writing after successful completion of 6 month of hip arthroscopy by Dr.Shreyash Gajjar. I had suffered labral tear in my right hip and now i am fine.

Sonali Gadlinge, Mumbai

My colleague has referred to doctor Shreyas on his excellent service quality. I was flooded with questions before and after knee surgery but Shreyas doctor has patiently answered all of them without any doubt.His opinions and accuracy in diagnosis is excellent. Thanks & Regards

Gauri Shankar Singh, Mumbai

I got fracture in my right elbow and it was critical one... I got operated by Dr Shreyas Gajjar .... my elbow n its movements now are doing absolutely fine and are in original shape too... immensely thankful to him ...

Sandeep Avhad, Nashik

5 years ago I was in terrible pain ... I couldn’t even take my right hand into my back pocket or sleep .... my right shoulder was in constant agony and Physiotherapy was not helping and a friend suggested Dr Shreyash Gajjar to me. He studied all the tests and explained to me what exactly was wrong with my shoulder.                            He suggested surgery.
All I can say it all went if very very well and I have never experienced any discomfort in all these five years and my right arm and shoulder is perfectly normal. Ever greatful for the great work Dr. Gajjar did on my shoulder.

Prakash Jha, Mumbai

I suffered with torn Labrum that too in my Right Shoulder. And this led to repeated dislocation of my shoulder. In the end I had just one option left which was surgery. I took few opinions and headed to Dr Shreyas Gajjar. He not only helped me get better but also helped me gain back my lost confidence that I can workout in the gym again. I would recommend seeing him especially, athletes.

Vighnesh Keni, Mumbai

God pre - pares & Dr. Gajjar re paires. Had to undergone a surgery at my age of 60+. But his treatment and care was such that I could fully recover within few weeks. On another occasion, he made me fit even without any invasive treatment. After seeing my active, no one believes that I have twice undergone a fracture at 60+. Thanks a ton Doctor..

Shrikrishna Kulkarni, Mumbai

Dr. Shreyasji is undoubtedly the Best in his field. I was suffering Right Shoulder Bursitis / tendinitis- pain in some movement more than a year.
I have visited so many specialists in city and Physiotherapist but no improvement rather shoulder getting frozen until I met Dr. Shreyasji in February 2018.
He has suggested me Arthroscopy which I have gone through in June 2018.
With regular follow-up with him and physio I am now back to normal and having all sports activities and weight training.
I salute his professionalism and personal attention.

Pinal Dakoria, Surat

Got a ACL reconstruction and lateral meniscus Knee surgery done this year. First time under the surgical knife. Great pre and post surgery experience.                       Has a detailed protocol, which when followed gives the desired results. Follow ups are limited and only if required.
Easily one of the best and highly recommended.

Ritesh Puthran, Mumbai

I,  T.A. Nagarajan had meniscus tear on both knees with unbearable pain. Dr Shreyash gave confidence to undergo menisectomy of both knees.
After the surgery I could walk within 10 days without any support. His post operative guidance, physiotherapy now I am fit. I started gym after 30 days of operation.
Dr Shreyash is the topmost excellent having in-depth knowledge and I will recommend all having symptoms treatment undergoing Arthroscopy, Sports Orthopedic without any second thought visit Dr Shreyash and get treatment 100%.
My heartiest congratulations to Dr Shreyash for his timely treatment support guidance confidence given to me.
Today while writing I have completed 3 months 10 days I am fit and do my life pattern as before.

Nagarajan TA, Mumbai

Ultimate hand.... I had clavicle fractured , which was smoothly operated (placed a plate) by Gajjar sir and his team. After 8 weeks got cure without any pain.
Superb judgement..Thank u Sir .

Kalpesh Shah, Mumbai

One of the best Orthopaedic Surgeon in Mumbai. I am glad that he did my Knee ligament surgery. Thanks Shreyash Mahendra Gajjar sir.

Azharuddin Khan, Mumbai

I had a compete tear in my Right Knee ACL which required full reconstruction. I did the surgery under Dr Shreyash Gajjar and i got fully recovered i think in two days.By two days i mean the next day i had started walking using support. I had my left knee also operated few years back but that was a horrifying experience.
Under Dr Shreyas i was given the complete care that was needed starting pre operation and was fully supervised after operation right from regular check ups to my phsyio and rehabilitation prog for my strengthening. Even my brother was operated on his right shoulders as he had a tear and he is doing very good now.
I highly recommend Dr Shreyas Gajjar to all my friends anytime they have any issues.

Rajesh Menon, Mumbai

This I am writing after successful completion of one year of Knee Arthroscopy by Dr Shreyash Gajjar.

He is the good doctor and good human being too. Talking to him is like talking to family member. He makes patient comfortable during consultation.

My surgery went very well and I thank him for his guidance and support.

Deepa Rasal, Mumbai

It all happened during Last August. Suddenly I was not able to walk. I visited the Local Orthopedic. He was of the opinion that there is Cartilage Defect in my right ankle. The conclusion came after MRI Scans. Though the conclusion came but there was no proper treatment just advising with bed rest with plaster on my leg. But after a month though there was no improvement and the pain had increased. Then my family decided to change the doctor and believe me I visited 6-7 Orthopedics and all renowned ones but no conclusive outcomes.
Then one of my family friend advised me to visit Dr. Shreyas Gajjar at Ambani Hospital. Like ordinary people we were also of the opinion that it is costly. But no, first visit costs only Rs.1500/- in comparison to other doctors whose fees are Rs.1000-1200/-. I visited him on 5th October and he was quick enough to tell me to go for Surgery but we did not wanted surgery since my family doctor told me that it will lead to improper walking, limping, etc etc. But Doctor Shreyas Gajjar assured me that everything will be fine. He was also quick enough to give me priority for my surgery since I had my CA exams the next month. On 7th of October he gave me appointment for surgery. Despite his busy schedule, he gave me priority.
Believe me after 7-8 months of surgery, I am able to walk properly, there are no complications with my leg. To be honest, Dr. Shreyas Gajjar is very co-operative (i.e. with my Mediclaim company, he was filing the forms personally), caring, intelligent and smart enough to take bold decisions. Everyone should once visit him, the fees are not costly compared to other doctors.
He indeed gives you right and fast decisions.

Harsh Somaiya, Mumbai

I am writing this review after one year after full satisfying.
Due to repeated epileptic seizures, my son's left shoulder started paining. Next it started dislocating automatically. During MRI it was diagnosed.
We consulted to Dr. Gajjar. He advised for Arthroscopic shoulder surgery which was done on 14/04/2017. After one month arm pouch was removed, and the doctor advised for physical exercise. And the result was tremendously good. Movement and the power of my son. And there are no restrictions in movement. He is quite well. Now I am completely satisfied and happy with my son's shoulder surgery done by Dr. Gajjar and very thankful to him.

Arun Jaykar, Mumbai

I had suffered an ACL tear in my knee in 2012 and had undergone the surgery by Dr. Shreyas Gajjar. Dr. Gajjar was extremely professional and I recovered within no time. He also ensured personally that I was feeling better after the surgery and during my physiotherapy.
It's been 6 years now and today I am an amateur long distance runner having run many half marathons, hoping to graduate to full marathons soon.
In a recent visit to him regarding a shoulder sprain, I was quite astounded when he could remember me and asked me about my knee, even though its been 6 years!
He was so happy to learn that I am able to run such distances. Just goes to show how passionate he is to his job and how caring to his patients.

Would absolutely recommend him to anyone as one of the best orthopaedic doctor in the city!!

Subham Chatterjee, Bengaluru

I m Devangi Das.l m Dr.Shreyash Gajjar's patient.
l have gone through a very bad accident but it's only Dr.Shreyash Gajjar who supported me n after my hands operation now I am able to come in my normal life.
l will be always thankful to Dr.Shreyash Gajjar.
Without his support I would have never be as I am today.Thank you.

Devangi Das, Mumbai

Dr. Gajjar performed ACL reconstruction surgery on right knee of my daughter (22) in November 2016.
The procedure was explained very well to us before surgery and after the surgery, he would visit every day to check progress and help motivate her if she was feeling down or dispirited. He is an extremely professional surgeon who is very caring and sensitive.
We were very comfortable discussing the problems/progress with him and he would always respond positively.
We are very satisfied and her knee is quiet normal now.

Dinesh Kumar, Ahmedabad

I had femoral osteochondral defect in my right knee. Dr. S.Gajjar suggested surgery.
Was hesitant initially to undergo surgery, but on seeing Dr. Gajjar's confidence of predictive results, I underwent surgery performed by Dr. Gajjar.
The operation conducted was precise and painless. Everything from post surgery recovery, few days restricted movement recovery and gradual full recovery happened as predicted and proclaimed by doctor. There was not swelling or post surgery side effects faced by me.
He is supportive and explained queries that I had. Many thanks to Dr. Gajjar.
Also, thanks to Kokilabhen Ambani Hospital management for providing state of the art hospital facility at reasonable charges and full support in insurance claim settlement.

Karanveer Mahendru, Panvel - Navi Mumbai

My operation is very much successful & i can do all things from my Right shoulder where operated

Krishnamoorthy, Mumbai

Had a very tough situation with my right leg tendon Achilles which is now resolved because of Dr. Gajjar.

Vidhi Gala, Mumbai

Dr. Shreyas reconstructed my ACL of left knee. He is well versed with sports and other related injuries.
He explains the details very clearly and I agreed for surgery immediately.
His physiotherapy protocol is so well designed that I started playing football again after 7 months.
I stood first in 100 mtr running at the age of 47 in our organisation healthy week competition after 6 months of operation.
My friend’s Mother (aged +70) also operated by him and recovering well.

Mahesh Hariharan, Mumbai

Had undergone Knee Surgery 2 years ago on date -25/01/2016 as I had snapped my ACL. I was very much confused on my next course of action until I met Dr Shreyash Gajjar. When I visited Dr Gajjar, My case was very well explained to me, all my doubts about surgery were very well answered by Dr. Gajjar.
My operation went well and now today after 2 years, I can walk very well Infact from health point of view, this experience has turn blessing in disguise for me !!
Thanks & God blessing to you.

Yatin Parekh, Mumbai

Dr.Shreyas Gajjar is very confident about what he is going to do.
Before my reverse shoulder implantation i consulted 4 more Doctor but the confidence & fair opinion i have seen him only.
My operation was very much successful & painless.Now i can do every thing as a normal person.
Does execept carry the weight more than 2 kg in which shoulder operted.
I recommend mr.Shreyas gajjar for his speciality.

Krishnamoorthy PV, Chennai

Best orthopedic surgeon had my knee surgery operated successfully and am satisfied by his treatment and post surgery counseling.
I have full faith on his advise and treatment

Narendra Kabadi, Mumbai

Shoulder surgery of my mother by Dr. Shreyash Gajjar was the best decision. Excellent work and he is extremely knowledgeable.

Suchita Gharat, Mumbai

The overall experience with Dr. Shreyash was really great.
I had a muscle tear in my left shoulder. From the time I consulted Dr. Shreyash for the pain in the shoulder, till the time the surgery was over and throughout the healing process later…I was really taken care with good professional treatment and care. The time the entire process would take and all other details he had shared at the very start went exactly as planned. There were no surprises. Thanks a ton Dr.

Pramod Rangari, Mumbai

Had undergone Knee Surgery 2 years ago as I had snapped my ACL. I was very much confused on my next course of action until I met Dr Shreyash Gajjar.
When I visited Dr Gajjar, My case was very well explained to me, all my doubts about surgery were very well answered by Dr. Gajjar.
My operation went well and now today after 2 years, I can run, play, swim , trek etc...
Infact from health point of view, this experience has turn blessing in disguise for me !!

Piyush Vira, Mumbai

My wife underwent Left Shoulder Arthroscopic surgery (Rotator Cuff repair surgery) under Dr. Shreyas Gajjar in October 2016.
She could recover very well. Our experience with Dr. Gajjar was an excellent one. We are extremely grateful to him.

Pradip Bhuyan, Mumbai

My knee (ACL) surgery was done in 2016 and m very happy with the overall experience and even satisfied with Help I got post surgery.
All fit n fine and back to my normal routine of jogging n sports.

Mahesh Shetty, Mumbai

Hon'ble Dr. Gajjar,
It gives me immense pleasure to express my sincere gratitude and thanks for the benevolent and magical arthroscopic surgery done by you on my mother's shoulder at the age of 86 and brought her back to perfect normal life. Now, she experiences no pain and leads a perfect healthy life.
Nobody can even make out that she ever had shoulder surgery. This has been possible only because of your healing energy and professional experience.
May God bless you with all the success in your professional and personal life.

Gopal Awasthi, Mumbai

I had met with an accident in May 2016 and gone through shoulder surgery for tissue tear and pasta repair in Oct 2016.
Dr. Shreyash Gajjar has operated the said operation.
All went smooth and thanks to Dr. Gajjar for superb and fully professional treatment with human touch.

Nitin Koli, Mumbai

I had done my rotator cuff surgery with Dr. Gajjar in 2015. I had an extremely good experience.
My shoulder is good now.

Madhan Rao, Mumbai

Had Arthroscopic Bankarts Surgery for Shoulder dislocation with Dr Shreyash Gajjar - Best Orthopedic surgeon.

Harsh Shah, Mumbai

We had visited Dr. Gajjar for my mother's shoulder dislocation, which recurred a couple of times due to her old age and weak muscles.
Dr. Gajjar suggested a reverse total shoulder replacement surgery to us. Initially, we were a bit apprehensive about the surgery given my mother's age.
But we did our homework and realized that this was the only real option that existed. Dr. Gajjar was very helpful through out the process.
He answered all the questions and gave all the requisite information in detail. He was available on phone, in case of emergencies.
His support to my mother and us during the time of surgery was incredible. After the surgery my mother underwent physiotherapy under his guidance.
He remained in regular touch with the physiotherapist doc and took regular updates from her about my mother's progress.
It was unfortunate that my mother had to undergo this surgery but we could not have been in better hands than of Dr. Gajjar's. Bunch of thanks!

Gautam Rastogi, Mumbai

Dr. Gajjar operated on my left shoulder for ligament tear due to dislocation. He is very professional in his approach and humble.
He listens to all your problems patienly and answers all your queries.
I recovered very fast post my surgery and subsequently he guided me during my rehabilitation period / physiotherapy.
I am privileged to have undergone treatment under Dr. Shreyash Gajjar.

Vipul Thakur, Mumbai

Sir, your hands are perfect. You were miraculous in doing arthroscopy of shoulder to my son Raghav.
He is back to normal.. performing Taekwondo, gym and other sports of his interest. Full control on two wheeler.
Even won international bronze medal in Bhutan ...last year.

Madhu Jhajharia, Cuttack - Orissa

I was very much tensed about my knee ACL surgey as it was my first most surgery.
Dr. SHREYAS Gajjar made it so easy for me.
While consultations also he was very descriptive and patient.
I would suggest Dr. SHREYAS more than any other orthopedist.
Very well experienced and an awesome personality.
Thanks Dr. SHREYAS

Shabana Sheikh , Mumbai

I got right knee ligament operated by Dr. Shreyash Gajjar.... I stood back ... thanks to Dr. Shreyash Gajjar ....

Pardeshi Gupta, Mumbai

Knee ACL Surgery with Dr Shreyash Gajjar - Good caring Doctor and superbly smart

Warren Macmill, Mumbai

I went through arthroscopic knee surgery done by Dr Shreyas. He is excellent and guided me very well.
The surgery also was absolutely normal and recovery was very good. He is one of the best.

Dipesh Vora, Mumbai

Had undergone Knee Surgery 3years ago as I had snapped my ACL.
When I visited Dr Gajjar, My case was very well explained to me, all my doubts about surgery were very well answered by Dr. Gajjar.
My operation went well and now today after 3 years, I can run, play, swim , trek etc...

Jackson Kollannur, Mumbai

It was my first surgery & was very anxious.Dr Gajjar put me at ease & took me through the whole process in detail. I had ligament tear & multiple muscle tear in my right shoulder. The total cost also turned out to be close to what he had indicated. There were no surprises.
Even the total time to heal was around what he had indicated. He is very approachable & trustworthy.
I have since been playing regular badminton & also gym once in a while & have no issues.
Thank you Doc.

Anil Nair, Mumbai

Very professional approach !!. I got a shoulder dislocation which was very well treated by Dr. Gajjar and I am happy to be treated by such a good doctor.
I always recommend him to whoever I meet with a shoulder or knee problem.
The type of precautions and exercises he suggested to me helped me to cure my problem to a great extent.

Divyesh Jain, Mumbai

I had done ACL surgery by Shreyas Sir. Really amazing treatment and post operation follow ups. Thanks to him and his amazing team. Now i can play football again

Asif Solkar, Mumbai

I am very satisfied with my ACL surgery done by Dr. Shreyash Gajjar.He is very experienced and Cooperative. He is very good doctor.

Dipti Desai, Mumbai

Hello Sir, It was a great experience with you.
You gave me a lot of confidence through your superb skills. Only because of you now I am able to run again with no pain and hopefully will also be able to play football.
You did the most advanced Knee ACL reconstruction surgery to me (I am able to tell this as I am studying MBBS).
Thank you Sir.

Mayank Mundada, Andra Pradesh

I am Dr. Suneet Raut, 66 yrs., Family Physician by profession, practicing for over last 40 yrs. at Palghar. I was suffering from Severe Osteoarthritis of Rt. Shoulder joint, was having bad pains on movements, and sleepless nights because of pain. After trying medications and physiotherapy had no relief.
At this point , my physiotherapist friend - Dr. Dipak Shapariya suggested me of Dr. Shreyash Gajjar of Kokilaben hospital.
After prior appointment we saw Dr. Gajjar. I appreciate his approach and confidence, we agreed to the suggested surgery of TOTAL REPLACEMENT of Shoulder joint.
I got admitted in Kokilaben hospital on 21st May 2017, was operated on 22nd May 2017, was discharged on 23rd May 2017.
Two wks. later, I was going for physiotherapy which is important and now 8 mths. later,  I am fully active, pain free, (even driving my favourite bike - Bullet !)

Thanks to Dr. Shreyash Gajjar, his expertise, his gentle and promising nature, the management of Kokilaben hospital and the marvel of science.

Dr Suneet Raut, Palghar

Knee Ligament Surgery - Best Treatment and expertise Doctor...!!!

Miheer Sawale, Dahanu

I had an ACL tear and was operated upon by Dr Gajjar. The whole process was done very professionally and with a human touch.
The team was very caring and helpful.

Rahul Kumar, Mumbai

Excellent professionalism in his approach. Had undergone arthroscopic surgery on left shoulder way back in Dec 2014.
The shoulder is as good as the other one now. Thanks Dr.

Devender Verma, Mumbai

I had a major accident in November 2013. I got multiple ligament tear in my right leg knee. I couldn't able to stand firmly. It was a deep nightmare for me.                        I felt that I couldn't able to live my day to day life as like before this accident.
I am thankful to GOD blessings that I met Dr. Shreyas Gajjar who had given me a new life.
After my ligament reconstruction surgery and scheduled physio therapy by Dr Leju Chacko, I am able to live my normal life.
He is more than a doctor. Thank you so much!!

Ravindra Kumar, Mumbai

Extremely satisfied with my knee surgery done by Dr Shreyash Gajjar! A great personality and extremely co-operative. His guidance helped me get back on my feet in no time. Thanks for the support and motivation!

Shreya Pethani, Mumbai

Very good, Excellent job by Dr Gajjar. Very happy with my Shoulder surgery been done.

Shon Gabriel, Mumbai

I underwent an Arthroscopic surgery for Ligament tear in my Right Shoulder. Thank you Dr Gajjar for being so prompt which helped me in a speedy recovery.

Harshad Amin, Mumbai

Sir u r an amazing soul . The treatment (Shoulder surgery) done by you has bought my life back to normal. Thank u. I wish and pray you get loads more success in life.

Priyanka Pant, Uttarakhand

I feel very lucky to meet a Doctor like Dr.Shreyash Gajjar who has done my Shoulder Surgery successfully with no risk.
I have fully recovered from Shoulder dislocation problem after Surgery done by Dr.Shreyash Gajjar. 
Now onwards I can play volleyball, cricket regularly and I would like to suggest this doctor to other people also who are suffering from this problem like me.

Thank you Dr.Shreyash Gajjar

Akash Patel, Surat

First surgery (Knee Ligament) and best experience till now ! Highly satisfied ! and such good staff !

Rajeev Singh, Mumbai

The most gentle, polite and able doc. Thank you for everything.

Jyotika Karve, Mumbai

It is well said "doc is no more less than GOD" and Dr. Gajjar is making this statement true. 
Thank u Doc :)  Perfectly done my Shoulder surgery along with pre surgery assurance that my hand (right hand) will be perfect and today I can even play badminton. 
Things were so well taken care by him & his staff that even in that pain I was relaxed. 
Once again Thanks Sir ... Keep doing good work.

Deepti Tiwari, Mumbai

Excellent doctor. Highly satisfied after my Knee Ligament surgery.

Kallol Bairagi, Navi Mumbai

I am very much satisfied with my Knee Ligament surgery. I recovered well before time. I definitely recommend Dr Gajjar to others.

Bennetlal Lathislal, Oman

At the age of 82 I fell down at home and broke my hip. I was rushed to Kokilaben hospital where Dr. Gajjar and his team took good care of me.
I had to go through a bipolar hemi-arthroplasty. The team completed the operation well and I had no post operative complications.
In three months time with the help of physiotherapy I can now walk without any support. In fact I think I am fitter and better today than before the operation.
I would recommend Dr. Gajjar and the staff at Kokilaben to anyone needing similar treatment.
It has been a great experience and I am deeply thankful to Dr. Gajjar

Sunanda Mitter, Mumbai

I, Narendra Raiyani resident of Rajkot, Gujarat heartly thank Dr Gajjar for my shoulder treatment.
 I had problem in shoulder becuase my shoulder tissue was broken and I was suffering from two years and tried all the available specialists in Rajkot. 
 Afterwards I came to Mumbai at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital where Dr. Shreyash Gajjar treated me and it helped me to overcome my pain and repair tissues in my shoulder.
 I got 100% positive result after Surgical treatment.
 Thank you.

Narendra Rayani, Rajkot

A New Life

My Back Ground:
My childhood was as carefree and enjoyable as any child from a well to do family. I never had major illnesses since my childhood. I was never hospitalised except a tonsil surgery. My parents provided everything possible for a comfortable childhood and lot of books. Ground games never appealed me except cricket. I used to be a voracious reader which resulted in a frail frame when I entered my youth. My mother insisted me to learn swimming and also enrolled me in a gymnasium.
In my college days I was a regular gym enthusiast and tried to be the same till today. I developed good strength and muscularity and I have enjoyed good health all my life.

The Accident
My whole world changed on that fateful day of 30th December 2015 when a careless truck driver made my bike fly in the air by banging it from behind. He fled from the spot while I landed on my right hand and dislocated the right elbow. I noticed the rigidness in my elbow and immediately decided to get medical help.
Within 30 minutes I was at the doorsteps of a renowned hospital in Mumbai. Since the ortho surgeon was busy, his assistant attended. After X ray and CT scan they informed me of fracture and dislocation of elbow joint. They decided to try for reduction of the elbow joint by manually pulling and twisting to its place. Another X ray was taken to ensure success. A plaster was applied and painkillers were prescribed. My life changed from super fit to handicapped man in a day.

The horrible Neglect:
When I visited the hospital again after 15 days as per the advice, the plaster was removed and another plaster was put in its place. The ortho. surgeon busy as usual tried to spend minimum time for inspection and advised a re-plaster.
Same story was repeated for next 3 visits. The swelling was reducing but I did not feel much improvement. During these visits I kept pleading to the Ortho. Surgeon to go for another x ray or scan to ensure all is well, however the busy surgeon kept on neglecting for reasons best known to him. After 3rd visit he advised me to wear brace and start physiotherapy.
Now I was getting tired of this handicapped life. Sensing something was drastically wrong with the treatment, and non improvement of elbow movement, I decided to go for 2nd opinion.
Bad news and silver Lining
I approached Kokilaben Hospital and checked for available Orthopaedic surgeons. I was suggested the name of Dr Shreyash Gajjar who was at the OPD to my luck.
He listened patiently to my history, checked all previous reports, inspected the joint and asked for an X-ray.
The rechecking and confused look of X ray technician made my heart to miss several beats. The X ray technician advised me to approach the Ortho surgeon immediately.
Dr Shreyash Gajjar saw the X ray and broke the bad news that my elbow was still dislocated and advised immediate surgery. I was crest fallen after knowing that all these days of pain, hardship and medicines were rendered useless (Due to carelessness and over- confidence of a ....).
However every cloud has a silver lining and that lining was there in the form of Dr Shreyash Gajjar.

The Magical Super Precision :
He calmly explained the need of urgency (Since a dislocated joint tends to freeze if not attended.) He elaborated the entire procedure slowly step by step and assured me of complete recovery after the surgery .He even fixed the date of surgery after 3 days.
His confidence was magical which gave me the much needed hope to hang in.
He asked for an MRI to be done same day and studied the reports in my presence explaining important aspects.
Once bitten twice shy, in the same evening I consulted another experienced surgeon for 3rd opinion whose opinion concurred with that of Dr Shreyash Gajjar.
Now I was ready for the surgery and as per the plan same was performed on me in a super efficient manner.
When I woke up in the evening there was some pain which disappeared with assurance of Dr Shreyash Gajjar that Surgery was successful and I can expect 100% recovery.
True to his word my elbow started moving from next week like never before and after physiotherapy and follow up, a smooth and speedy recovery was achieved.
My physiotherapist also was astonished at the recovery and praised the skills of Dr Shreyas Gajjar who performed such perfect surgery which was one of the best to her knowledge.

Gratitude One Year After:
I have recovered almost all of my lost strength, resumed gymnasium and even surprised my trainers at my recovery.
As they praise my new strength, I know deep in my mind that it was Dr Shreyas Gajjar who gave me this new life.

Thank You Doctor, I will be remain indebted to you for my entire life.

Nilkanth Thakur, Mumbai

Dear Dr.Gajjar,
First of all I would like to thank you for your overall guidance provided by you on my daughters Knee Cartilage surgery.
It is almost now 2 years now my daughter is doing very fine and she is back to her normal day to day routine without any hassle.
When we landed in the hospital we were very much in tension and you really helped us on the personal as well on the professional front.
Please accept our best wishes on behalf of our family. 

Jaiprakash Tiwari, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

Dr Gajjar's Magical Precision and wonderful Surgical skill helped my father to recover from extremely Complex Elbow injury to a strong and fit person.

Nikhil Thakur, Mumbai

Dear Dr. Gajjar,
My experience with you and your staff was great.
When I came to know about the damage to the Cartilage of my knee cap and that I would be requiring a Cartilage Regeneration surgery, I was quite worried and tensed. However, after consulting with you I was very calm and got the confidence that everything will be fine and back to normal.
From there on there was no looking back and I feel it was a great journey from operation to post recovery,
Thanks to you!!

Prakash Nayak, Mumbai

Dear Dr, Shreyash Gajjar
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all your kind and expert help in my treatment. Your willingness to take time from your very busy schedule to comfort me, explain things to me really made me able to face all of my fears and eased my way through the anxiety of my diagnosis and treatment.
Had to get operated due to severe shoulder issues by a reputed doctor but the problem remained same even after surgery and then I met sir Gajjar and he suggest me for another operation.
And now after a year my shoulder is much better. i don't feel that pain anymore.
Your handiwork is healing amazingly well and I am well on my way to recovery.
Thank you so much for all you and your staff have done for me.
God bless you always.

Riyazuddin Siddiqui, Navi Mumbai

I am an athelete and suffered from a lateral meniscus tear in my Right Knee.
After consulting few other reputed doctors, I had the most co-operative and helpful experience with doctor Gajjar.
He provides inside articulacy of the situation along with apt solution.
I went through surgery by him 6 weeks ago and now ideally fine.
He is one of the Best Doctors out there to guide you as well as your therapist and provide treatment.
Best experience till yet related to surgery!

Kashmira Dave, Mumbai

I injured my knee a few years back while playing volleyball but didn’t know that I had actually torn my ACL until something similar recently happened.
The MRI scan reports showed that I had not only managed to rupture my ACL but I had also torn my meniscus. I consulted my local orthopedist who suggested that I would have to undergo an ACL reconstruction surgery and he recommended me to Dr. Shreyash Gajjar

 The thought of doing a knee surgery itself sounded scary at first but after meeting Dr Gajjar, I felt confident that everything would go well since I was being operated by one of the finest and most experienced Ortho surgeon in town.

 Dr Gajjar has his own unique way of explaining things which I personally found helpful. He is calm, confident and understanding. Thanks to google, I was flooded with questions but he patiently answered all of them without any doubt. After the surgery every time I saw him, he surely gave me the confidence that I was doing very well.

My knee feels normal now as if nothing happened to it and all the credit goes to Dr Gajjar.

Glen Mascarenhas, Singapore

I was taking treatment under Dr Shreyash M. Gajjar,  Orthopaedic Consultant at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Four Bungalow's, Andheri(W) for my Resistant Tennis Elbow.
I consulted various Doctors since 2009 onwards till 2013 but there was no relief at all. Finally, Jan 2013, I was referred to Dr Shreyash Gajjar by one of my office colleague n my Company Panel Doctor n through series of tests , physio exercises, massages, n PRP Treatment I was fully cured. My right hand had become stiff n my movement was restricted over the years due to scar tissue formation.
Dr Shreyash M. Gajjar is very young, dynamic, patient compliant n  has got very good communication skills. He gives emphatic hearing to all his patients n builts hope n confidence. He has very good patient Doctor relationship through subsequent follow ups n sees to it that patient is fit n fine when he/she goes back home.
I am completely happy n satisfied patient n would highly recommend him. Thank you Dr Shreyash M. Gajjar once again n God Bless! 

Clara Rita Horo, Mumbai


With great pleasure I am writing to you that, I am happy to come to you for my Ankle pain and stiffness. It was for very long that I had suffered. 

But after you did the Arthroscopic Surgery on my Ankle, I have very much relief.

Also, I would like to appreciate the care taken in the hospital under your guidance.

Thank you very much for giving new strength to my leg.

Banwarilal Singhania, Mumbai

I had undergone an Arthroscopic Surgery on my right shoulder in May 2016, for a rotator cuff injury. The surgery was performed very meticulously and professionally by Dr Shreyash Gajjar at Kokilaben Hospital, Mumbai.

The injury was the result of a freak incident of TEXTING and WALKING, where I missed two steps and tripped and landed on my right shoulder. This was on 01st January 2016. Though the initial X-rays did not reveal any dislocation or fracture, I had nagging pain on the shoulder and restricted movements for about 3 to 4 months. Even physiotherapy during this period did not give much relief. Only after taking an MRI, the rotator cuff injury was noticed and was informed by the Ortho that this needs special attention and have to consult a shoulder specialist.
Till such time I was never aware that specialists existed for this part of the body too.
After research and consultation with friends, I was lucky to get an appointment with one of the best specialist in the field Dr Shreyash M. Gajjar who guided and explained the reasons for the nagging pain, how the injury if neglected, will affect in future and the advantages of correcting same through a non-invasive surgery which requires only two to three days of hospitalization. He also explained in detail the rehabilitation process which requires intensive physiotherapy sessions for at least two-three months and the hand movement will take about six months 
to achieve normalcy due to the severity of my rotator cuff injury. At this point of time, I could not lift my hand above 90 degrees.
As mutually agreed, surgery was performed and again, I was lucky to have a very good physiotherapist Dr, Khadijeh Menai (from a different physio centre), who was very sincere and dedicated in her profession, had guided me very well for a quick recovery.  In two months time, I was able to take my hand straight 180 degrees up and could move freely without much restriction. After about six months I was able to do almost all regular activities which I used to do prior to the injury. 
Today I am almost 95 percent recovered except carrying heavy bags or functions which needs strength. 
I have recently visited Dr Gajjar and he has suggested few shoulder exercises for strengthening which I had stopped initially following which I am sure I will have a 100 percent recovery very soon.
 Thanks to Dr. Gajjar for such a comfortable and caring experience. I would highly recommend that anyone needing arthroscopy or any related surgery to feel completely confident in Dr. Gajjar in helping you get back on track to a pain free resolution to your shoulder or other joint related issues.

G. Pradeep, Kuwait


I had a complete ACL tear and medial meniscus tear in year 2014. As the injury was new to me, never heard about it, so my family got very scared that at age of 19 I have to undergo knee surgery and in the fear visited a series of Orthopedic doctors in Mumbai to avoid surgery, but every doctor came to the conclusion to have a surgery. None of the doctors were keen to explain about the injury, future recovery, sports comeback, but very much interested in having a go at surgery (even one of the senior doctors in lower parel, who suggested a surgery during my exams).
But then I started searching on internet about the procedure,and one day heard about sports medicine at Kokilaben hospital,doctor named Shreyash Gajjar.
On the first visit itself he explained me every bit of the procedure, about the rehab and sports comeback. He was very friendly and positive, gave an assurance that I will be able to play sports after the proper rehab.Me and Dr.Gajjar planned a date for surgery after the exams in 2015.
The surgery was successful, the rehab procedure was excellent, Dr.Gajjar was very supportive during this phase. And I recovered completely and resumed my sports activities after 1 year of proper rehab.
Even now after 2 years when I visited him for my mom knee issue, he was very happy to see me, asked me whether his assistant doc had called me on phone  between 2 years for inquiry of my knee, asked me about my sports activities, checked my knee and gave few good advices.

A big thanks to Dr.Gajjar for his caring, friendly nature and proffesional knowledge.I would recommend him with confidence.

A full 5 star to him for his work.

Rishikesh Salunkhe, Mumbai

I was very pleased with my experience with Dr Gajjar and his caring staff. 
Football for me has been a lifelong passion, and when I found out that I had torn my ACL, I was worried I'll never get to play again.
It was my first major injury, which brought a lot of uncertainty.

When a family friend suggested Dr. Gajjar, his name was brought up with immense trust and backing. 
I must say my experience with him, and his staff has been amazing. He was reassuring and guided me through the necessary surgical procedures.

My main goal was to get back to football as soon as possible after the surgery. The meticulous post op rehab program designed by him, helped me achieve just that. 
I also appreciated their follow-ups and willingness to answer question.

A big Thank you to Dr. Gajjar, and his incredible staff

Kishan Savjani, Mumbai

Dr Gajjar conducted a Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgery on me in the year 2016. I was facing significant pain and discomfort which did not get mitigated even after going through intensive physiotherapy for a long time.

Dr Gajjar recommended us to conduct the operation and we were happy that we chose him after speaking to many similar doctors in Mumbai and outside.
The surgery was successful as I am not facing any discomfort now from the shoulder.
It has been an extremely positive experience for me to interact with Dr Gajjar and I can definitely vouch for his diligence and professionalism.
I can vouch for and strongly recommend his services to patients facing similar issues.

Rebecca Matthai, Kerala

Respected Sir,

Thank you for being with me. You removed a big thrown of my life so that i can live my life successfully and joyfully. My mother said that "You are a god who comes in my life in the form of doctor" and treated me very well.
Because of you i m not going to face any problem regarding my knee following Knee Cartilage surgery.

 So, thank you once again for being with me.

Vivek Jha, Baroda, Gujarat

My name is Aniket Kawade and I have been operated for a SLAP tear on Right Shoulder by Dr. Gajjar in Kokilaben Hospital in October 2016. The tear was because of excessive playing of Badminton.

Dr. Gajjar was also very particular in his routine check ups and consultation post the surgery. Successful surgery and a strict Physio therapy routine managed me to get me back to my playing days in 6 months.

After which I have again started playing and got my physical strength like before and also manage to win a Club Cricket tournament.

I am thankful to Dr. Gajjar for all his efforts in bringing me back to sports in such a short time.

Thanking you

Aniket Kawade, Mumbai

I wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you for your fantastic care of my brother for his Ankle Cartilage Surgery. Your quality and integrity as a surgeon and, more fundamentally, as a person, shine through.

Umesh Jain, Raipur, Chhattisgarh

On 22nd December 2013 while going to the office I met with a bike accident & my left leg was injured & swollen. Immediately I went to one of our known orthopedic surgeon who checked me & took  x’rays of my left leg. But fortunately there was no fracture to my leg. He told it is just a sprain, take rest for 3, 4 days you will be alright. But after 4 th day while returning from the office my left leg got completely twisted below the knee. We immediately went to our orthopedic surgeon who advised us to take MRI of my left leg, which shows a complete ligament tear.  He advised me to undergo operation for the same.  Without which I will not be able to walk on my both legs. With his statement I was completely shattered because in my family I am the only earning member.  We immediately went to our Guru & family doctor Dr. Suchitdada Dattopadhyay who advised us to go to Kokilaben Hospital at Four Bunglows, Andheri (w) and meet Dr. Shreyash Gajjar. He also told that he is the number one Doctor in Mumbai to perform arthroscopic surgery in which recovery after the operation is very fast.

We immediately took appointment of Dr. Shreyash Gajjar on 4th January,2014. Dr. assured us that he will make me stand on both of my leg on the same day after the operation, and I will be able to perform my duties normally as before within 2 months. We immediately fixed up the operation date & I got operated for my left leg ACL complete tear by Dr. Shreyash  Gajjar at Kokilaben Hospital on 6th of January,2014. On the same day in the evening Physiotherapist came & she made me stand & walk on my legs. Immediately on the very next day i got discharged. Doctor advised me to take rest for 10 days & visit him after 10 days to remove stitches.  I had a follow up with Doctor after 10 days, my all operation marks were completely filled. He gave us contact number of Physiotherapist who will come to my place so that I don’t have to travel to go to physiotherapist.  After one & half months physiotherapy I was able to completely bend my leg, walk & climb the stair case & within 2 months from the date of operation I started going to my office at Mahalakshmi  from my residence at Kandivali. I am travelling like a normal person by the train.

Later with regular follow up & guidance with Dr. Shreyash Gajjar I am able to do yoga & able to sit in Vajrasan. It was only because of Dr. Shreyash Gajjar I was able to resume back in to normal life & take care of my family members. Now after completion of 3 years of my operation I am following with him once in a year.

We say God is everywhere but for me GOD descended on the earth in the form of Dr. Shreyash Gajjar & rescued me from this great problem.


Thank you very much Dr. Shreyash Gajjar.

Nandkumar Aher, Mumbai

It's with great pleasure and gratitude that I write this testimonial about my experience at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital.

April 18th, 2012 was when I accidentally slipped and sprained my right ankle. Being a doctor myself I took the necessary first aid measures but the symptoms did not subside in two weeks time. Since I live in Chembur, I took the advice of an orthopaedic doctor locally. The diagnosis remained questionable. The treatment dragged for 3 months during which I was advised surgery on the Right Ankle. I had a gut feeling that surgery was not required but kept my fingers crossed. I decided to take a second opinion but to my surprise none of the orthopaedic doctors in Chembur whom I relied on were available at my hour of need. I could not wait as my leg was getting worse.

I decided to consult Dr. Shreyash Gajjar at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital with an MRI report that stated a major deep rooted infection of the right ankle. The day I met Dr. Shreyash, I was delirious with pain and decided that if at all a surgery is needed I will get it done at KDAH as the set up was better. 18th July 2012 exactly 3 months after my fall I consulted Dr. Shreyash Gajjar.

Post examination Dr. Shreyash very calmly and assuringly advised that a surgery was not needed and that it can be treated with medications. He literally talked me out of getting a surgery done. I started the medications as advised. I saw a good change in 3 weeks time and the remaining period of treatment though long was good as things went well.

I am now back to work and am ever thankful to Dr. Shreyash for the assurance and treatment he gave during the entire period. Moreover I am very confident about his opinions and accuracy in diagnosis. All my patients and family members who I refer for his advice come back to me with the same response.

We highly appreciate his integrity and dedication towards the profession.

God Bless him always!!

Dr. Veena Naidu, Mumbai

I saw Dr. Gajjar in 2013, after seeing 3 other doctors and being unable to resolve the issues I was facing. He was quick in diagnosing the issue, explained the situation in a very clear and comprehensible manner and stated all the options I had along with his recommendation. We decided to proceed with the Knee ACL surgery and Dr. Gajjar was again very accommodating of my schedule and helped me expedite things at test centers to ensure I could fit everything in the time I had. The surgery went very well and I continued to receive support from him, including references for the right physiotherapists. I was very happy with the procedure and the treatment I received.

My experience with Dr. Gajjar has been very positive and would visit him without a second thought, should I face any orthopaedic issues. I had another surgery done with him 2 years later and had my mother visit him for her knee related problems. Dr. Gajjar has always been very kind, helpful and patient. I would recommend him with confidence.

Mikesh Udani, U.K.

During a short corporate sports day program, I had ended up injuring myself while playing football. The nature of injury while falling itself indicated that the injury was not the routine normal twisting of the ankle, as usually the case is. The MRI scan indicated a third degree tear of the anterior ligament.

It was through my corporate reference that I took an appointment with Dr. Shreyas Gajjar at Kokilaben Hospital.

Dr. Gajjar not only surprised me with his consummate knowledge of the subject matter but with the measured detailed explanation of the injury & the entire physiology of the affected area...of course add to that his young age doubly helped in disarming me . Of course, he added the phrase ACL - Anterior Cruciate Ligament - in my lexicon forever!!!

The surgery was decided as the optimal long term solution, but more importantly Dr. Gajjar made me feel like a true footballer by mentioning that this ACL is routine footballing injury sustained by the Premier League professionals...!!! Actually, it was his way of putting me at ease, for that was something a patient truly cherishes from his doctor.

Kokilaben Hospital is one of the finest in terms of professionalism and I can definitely vouch for it and more than me , my wife too will certify. The 3 days we had to be there through the pre & post surgery time, was one of exemplary care & personal satisfaction.

Dr. Gajjar ensured that we sailed through the 6 weeks of regular follow through visits & physiotherapy sessions.

Not for a moment will I downplay the seriousness of the injury & the trauma of post-surgery recovery. But it is here that the personal touch yet a professional meticulousness of your consulting surgeon/doctor , comes to your aid.

All in all, Dr. Gajjar and his approach to such injuries, scores very high in my scoreboard.

Truly a competent medical professional.

Ravi Narayanan, Mumbai

I am 76 years Old. My both shoulders were damaged with arthritis, so bad that use of both my arms was strongly restricted. At Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani hospital Andheri Mumbai, I met Dr. Shreyash Gajjar, and subsequently, in 2015 he replaced my right shoulder. The process, hospitalization, surgery, pain management was exceptional. 1 year later, Dr. Shreyash Gajjar, performed the replacement on my left shoulder which needed the surgery much more than the right one. The process was surprisingly painless from the beginningstaffs were kind, caring and my recovery went very well, with little or no discomfort.

The care and support was exceptional. I have had on many occasions to refer people who have had shoulder problems to Dr. Shreyash Gajjar, because of his unique surgery style and his after care. Now in this year of 2016, I have complete use and range of both my arms to the extent that I have normal usage with both and no pain at all. “Thank you Dr. Shreyash Gajjar, for a job well done.” I have had no pain since the surgery. I was in constant pain prior to. The whole experience was very professional from my appointment, to pre-op, to the operation; to the recovery room and the stay in the hospital were all very first class. I would highly recommend your services to everyone. I have full use of my shoulder. I can now do all my work on a regular routine without a help from others.

Thanking you.

Abdulkarim Mukri, Tanzania

Last year I fell on the ground and injured my Wrist and a muscle tissue in the Shoulder. Dr Gajjar did two operations of my Wrist and Shoulder respectively. Most people said it will take a very long time to recover the muscle tear. Also I had diabetes. But it recovered fully within few months with the help of physiotherapy as mentioned by Dr. Gajjar.

It's been a year and I can move my Wrist and Shoulder completely which earlier pained so bad even when I moved little. I am really very thankful to Dr. Shreyash Gajjar.

Kuverben Mendpara, Surat

I was suffering from a muscle tear of shoulder for more than 6 months. As I play cricket & badminton it was difficult to bowl or do any overhead action while playing badminton. I visited many doctors in Dubai but was not satisfied.

Then I happen to locate Dr. Shreyash Gajjar. When I met Dr. Shreyash Gajjar, the best part was the way he diagnosed me to understand the root cause of the problem of my shoulder. That gave me confidence to go ahead with the surgery of my shoulder i.e. Arthroscopy. I did my Arthroscopy from Dr. Shreyash Gajjar and with 2 months of Physiotherapy I was able to get back all the movements of my shoulder and now I am back playing cricket & badminton with ease. I would sincerely thank Dr. Shreyash Gajjar for all his help in getting back my shoulder.

Ankush Korday, Dubai

My name is Raed Mohammed Ahmed Esmail. I am 23 years old. I have been suffering from comminuted fracture elbow with raw wound around elbow. As a result of injury I did not able to use the hands of the right or filed or bent, so I was uncomfortable and non-happy.

But after I has gone cemented total right elbow replacement by Dr. Shreyash M. Gajjar my life changed radically and I'll be able to do what I'm unable to do before. Now I can use my hand and bend it and I'm at the top of happiness, so I want to thank all people who helped me in this matter, especially Dr. Shreyash M. Gajjar. Wishing to him success in his work.

Raed Mohammed Ahmed Esmail, Yemen

Dear Dr. Gajjar,

Thank you for the medical treatment and care my father Noordin Nathoo received under your careful supervision during our visit to KDA Hospital. Your personal attention, kindness and prompt responses to my barrage of repeated questions and concerns had truly helped us overcome fears about the surgery. Your professional guidance made us feel comfortable in the choice of the recommended line of treatment; we are grateful to you arid your team as he is now recovering well.

Once again many thanks.

Noordin Nathoo, Kenya

I wish to state my complete and total satisfaction with the treatment I received from Dr. Shreyash Gajjar who performed a supraspinatus operation on each of my shoulders. From the very onset, Dr. Gajjar's diagnosis and POA was very precise and clinical. He was also extremely patient and explained the condition and procedure in great detail. The resounding success of the first operation on my right shoulder gave me the confidence and courage a year and a half later to return to Dr. Gajjar for my left shoulder operation. I truly appreciate and applaud Dr. Gajjar's courteous and thoroughly professional demeanor which is only matched by his incredible expertise. Thank you Dr. Gajjar.

Savio Godinho, Mumbai

I would like to add my experience on Doctors. Specially Dr. Shreyas Gajjar. My shoulder was dislocated with fracture. Went to Hinduja and other hospitals but was not satisfied with their treatment as I was not able to hold pen and my movement of hand was max 20 degree.

I went through Internet found that Dr. Gajjar has several years of experience in Sport related injuries (in UK and Australia). Dr. Gajjar operated (arthroscopy) and advised me to do physiotherapist. Recommended Dr. Aditi from Kokilaben Ambani hospital. (All other Physio Therapist were skeptical about my recovery. But because of Dr. Aditi's sincere effort for 14 months (3 times a week)).

But Dr. Gajjar used to always encourage me to improve my performance. I have regained all my movements and started heavy weight gym training.

I have never seen such kind of response from a Doctor.

I thank Dr. Shreyas Gajjar for giving me his kind support to regain my shoulder movement and also to Dr. Aditi for putting her best.

Dr. Vipul Doshi, Mumbai

Doctor Gajjar's ligament tear surgery on my knee has helped a lot to bring life back to normal. He doesn't just perform the surgery but also takes care of the patient during the recovery and rehabilitation phase.

Jitika Punjabi, Mumbai

I fell while learning to drive a scooter and it was around 11:30 pm & a Sunday. The pain was unbearable and I concluded I broke my knee. My family's first decision was to go to Kokilaben Ambani Hospital (Mind you this is not our first time interacting with the hospital and there are 4 hospitals on the way towards Ambani). We immediately knew we made the right choice because even at midnight & Sunday, we had a specialist in the trauma ward.

Allowing a week’s time for swelling to subside, MRI was done and I was diagnosed with complete tear of the ACL, Complex tear of Lateral Meniscus and MCL injury and was advised a surgery by Dr. Shreyash Gajjar after eight weeks allowing for natural healing process for some of the ligaments. This being a major surgery involving Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction with quadrupled hamstring graft with Meniscectomy and MCL repair, we took a second opinion from other doctors and even from super specialist in the US. The diagnosis was spot on and we moved ahead with the surgery.

Throughout the entire process from the surgery until the rehabilitation (almost 6 months), we had complete support of the Dr. Shreyash Gajjar and the Physio therapy department. The hospital has one of the finest Physio Therapy department, I have come across in terms of lines of treatment, equipment’s and staff. I can't even recall the times the procedure was explained to my family members by Dr. Shreyash Gajjar. He is extremely professional in his approach and provides constant support.

About the hospital, the facilities are at par with the best to offer and the staff is cordial. The billing and mediclaim procedures are transparent.

I have recovered fully and am extremely satisfied with my experience with Dr. Shreyash Gajjar and Kokilaben Ambani Hospital and would suggest it to anyone without hesitation.

Divya Parekh, Mumbai

In the Month of June 2014, I had an injury in my right shoulder I had visited multiple doctors and went through several lines of treatment. However, my pain was increasing day by day and we felt that the root cause was not diagnosed.

One day my Son was finding good Orthopaedic hospital and Doctor on Net and he found Dr Shreyash Gajjar in Kokilaben hospital Doctor list and we went ahead and made an appointment immediately.

Dr Gajjar saw my MRI and previous treatment papers and found out that root cause was "Right Shoulder Rotator Cuff tear + AC joint OA. " and advised surgery.

On 20th August 2014, I underwent surgery for my right shoulder in Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani hospital.

I was discharged on 23rd August2014. After one month, as advised I started physiotherapy and I decided to have it in KDAH only based on my experience and trust with the hospital and staff.

I have gone for physiotherapy as per direction and advice from time to time with Dr Ms Aditi.

During the course of my treatment period, I felt very comfortable and not had any major problems ,Pain etc. I had not used pain killer medicine at all.

After two years in July 2016, I started suffering from severe pain in my left shoulder and without a second thought I decided to consult Dr Gajjar again. The root cause was diagnosed quickly and I underwent a similar operation again on 20th August 2016. The operation went well and I have started with physiotherapy in KDAH itself.

My experience was good both the times and would highly recommend Dr Gajjar and the hospital to everyone.

Now my Right hand Shoulder is like normal and I am sure my left shoulder will also get better soon.

I am thankful to Dr Gajjar and pray to God to give him lots of success in his career.

Mahesh Chaturvedi, Mumbai

I should say that Dr Gajjar is one of the few doctors I have come across who interacts with their patients with a friendly smile. When I damaged my ACL, I was not sure about the way forward. The manner in which he helped me understand the exact nature of my injury, the way in which he encouraged me to undergo the surgery and the confidence he gave me that I could go on a wild life trip to Tadoba National Park, Nagpur within one month of surgery, was extraordinary, because some of my friends who had sustained similar injury had very restricted movements for at least two months post the surgery.

Now, I am not only back to my gym but also back in action on the cricket field. I place on record my appreciation for the wonderful care and support I got from Dr Gajjar and his team throughout my treatment. I wish him ALL THE BEST...

Ashish Bist, Mumbai