Dr. Shreyash M. Gajjar
Centre for Arthroscopy & Sports Orthopaedics Centre for Arthroscopy & Sports Orthopaedics

Wrist arthroscopy is a minimally invasive technique which uses very small incisions to insert a telescope (arthroscope) and instruments into the wrist joint. This gives the surgeon an excellent view around the joint to diagnose problems and allows surgical procedures to be performed inside the joint in order to treat those problems.

Advantages: Large incisions are avoided and recovery time is therefore reduced.
Common Indications

You will be admitted on the night prior to your surgery. The procedure usually takes approximately 45-60 minutes. After surgery your wrist will be in a bandage & splint.

Discharge from Hospital

You will be required to stay in hospital for at least 1 night following your operation & also checked whether you are safe to be discharged.
You must have someone available to take you home from hospital.
You must not operate machinery or drive a car for minimum 14 days after your procedure (depending on the surgical procedure).

Post Operative Appointment

It is important that you attend this appointment arranged 2 weeks after your operation, as part of your ongoing treatment/management.